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During regular business hours (PST) you may reach us at (650) 289-3167 (tel) if you have any problems or questions.

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Customize to make more $$!

You can easily customize the look of to make more money from your traffic. Check out these proven options to make the site an excellent fit for you and your surfers.
  1. You can specify what language your traffic sees. To direct them to a specific language, simply add &lang= to the end of your linking URL. Not all languages are available on all sites--check the language buttons on each site's cover page.

  2. member photos are available for rating on Users often get hooked on rating other people's photographs. Once the user rates 10 photos, they are automatically directed to to register. Users may also click on the "Meet this person" link to register on
    • You can send traffic to and receive credit to your affiliate account when the user signs up! Simply add your PID and site abbreviation to your referring link.
      (sample: your PID is so you can refer your traffic to The site abbreviation for is "bdsm"
  3. Control where your users land on our site!
    • Cover Page
    • Registration Page
    • Custom Search Results Page (down to details such as Females, between the ages of 18 & 30, in Arizona, United States seeking Males)
    • Language-specific pages depending on the originating IP address for our Chinese(simplified and traditional), Korean, Filipino, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish sites.
    • Click here for details.

  4. Banners offers more banner, photo and text choices for your sites!

    Try our high-converting geo-targeted banners. Just copy the code, paste it into your site and give your visitors the “personal touch.”

    Check out hundreds and hundreds of TGPs, which give your visitors free pics and load your site with free content.

    • HTML and search-enabled banners lets users select a search criteria and land on that search results page.
    • Choose banners which appeal to your users (selections vary from mainstream to more targeted demographics)
  5. Customize the look of our cover page! Control what kind of cover page is shown to your users!
    • Choose a cover page which best appeals to your audience (selections vary from mainstream to specified fetishes).
    • Remove the links to our "other sites" so your users stay focused and register.
      • If you keep those other sites, you can still get paid for that traffic! We can track your users beyond your landing site. Your affiliate ID will pass to the other site(s) affiliate program.
    • Top affiliates may opt to have our site completely co-branded to match their site! We can customize headers, footers and other aspects of our site so your users feel as if they never left your site.
      • Top affiliates also receive broker credit for any user who signs up as an affiliate on! - without having to go through the broker registration process!
    ("Top Affiliate" is any affiliate referring 5k+ users per day.)

  6. Open a pop-under to your affiliate account on another one of our adult sites. Putting &entrypop=1 in your linking URL will open pop-unders that you can use to direct traffic to your affiliate account on another one of our adult sites. To create a pop-under immediately when a user clicks your link, use &entrypop=1. Specify the site and your PID on that site with &bdsm=, &ffadult=, or &out=.

    (Sample: If your Adult FriendFinder affiliate link is and you have an affiliate account on with PID# , the link to use is

    Click here to view site abbreviations.